May 2 - AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) has operated six Boeing 747 charter flights of racing cars and accessories from Shanghai to Sochi for the Russian Grand Prix.

Following the Chinese Grand Prix, the racing equipment was loaded into special containers for delivery to Russia.

"The first word that comes to your mind when we hear Formula 1 is speed. Speed in everything - the race itself and of course the 'pit stops'," said ABC senior vice president, marketing and sales, Robert van de Weg.

"Similarly, due to the tight schedule of the races, the requirement of 'speed and control' in the delivery of the racing cars and related equipment to the next racing venue is a hard requirement."

Alan Woollard, logistics manager at Formula One Management, added: "Over the last decade the geography of Formula 1 races has expanded significantly with the Asian region coming on the arena. This is the reason we need a large-scale and complex logistics programme to support Formula 1 races all over the world as it represents a real challenge."