October 16 - Agility has completed a complex project for Linde Group's engineering division, which included three heavy lift shipments of chemical plant equipment to Togliatti in the Samara region of Russia.

The consignment - which comprised of a 2,453-tonne unit from Porto Marghera, Italy; a 226-tonne piece originating in Linz, Austria; and a 73-tonne unit from Mumbai, India - was managed by Agility Area East Europe.

The move, which incorporated road freight, barge transport, part-charter sea freight and rail freight, involved two years of meticulous preparations, including a feasibility study of local Customs procedures and infrastructure such as harbours, rivers, roads and potential obstacles, said Agility.

The heaviest piece was loaded onboard a barge in Porto Marghera, before travelling across the Black Sea, past Rostov-on-Don and through the Russian river system to Togliatti.

Agility explained that the most challenging part of the project involved moving the heavy lift cargoes to the site and coordinating on-shore movements at Togliatti port. Since the port's harbour cranes could not handle such large weights, Agility used bespoke hydraulic jacks to offload the units.