February 24 - ALE has lifted the largest and heaviest bridge sections as part of the final stages of the landmark Cadiz Bridge construction project in Spain.

ALE has handled the transportation and lifting of the cabled sections, as well as the transportation, load-out and lifting of the removal span. So far ALE has installed 50 bridge sections in total, ranging in weight from 150 tonnes to 1,055 tonnes.

To complete these operations, ALE has utilised SPMT axles for the overland transport, as well as four mobile gantry structures, eight HLS2000 strand jack units, eight SLS2000 strand jack units, eight skidshoes and 24 push-pull units.

ALE supplied 168 axle lines of SPMT to perform the load-out of the heaviest section of the bridge, which weighed 4,000 tonnes and measured 150 m long. After load-out, the final operations included lifting and shifting the deck using steel structures and strand jack units, with a total lifting capacity of 6,800 tonnes, while controlling the ballasting of the barge.

The company now has six sections left to install, with the project scheduled for completion in May.