March 3 - ALE has completed the installation of the Trilogiport Bridge in Vis

The new bridge sections were build on three different sites in Visé and due to the complexity of the project, ALE explained that the operation had to be split into several phases.

The first two sections, weighing 579 tonnes and 318 tonnes respectively, were transported overland for installation. The first bridge section was jacked up to 6.5 m and transported on 24 axle lines of SPMTs to its final position, before being lowered using climbing jacks.

The second section was jacked up to a height of 9 m using ALE's jacking system and transported on 20 axle lines of SPMTs to its final position for installation.

The third bridge section was loaded onto SPMTs and rolled onto two coupled barges, which transported the cargo to its jack up location, where it was jacked up to a height of 10.5 m from the water line. Once at full height, the barge combination and jacked up bride section was floated into position and lowered on its supports.

The final two bridge sections were also installed in the same way as the third piece, with the fourth section lifted using ALE's jacking system and the fifth lifted using four 70-tonne capacity strand jacks.

"This particular project involved installing five bridge sections, with three weighing over 500 tonnes, within only three months. Because of the bridge's length and the different locations we decided to split this project into eleven phases of execution, which we believed worked extremely effectively," said ALE project manager Hans de Hoon.