July 29 - UK headquartered ALE has successfully relocated a 700-tonne piece of mining equipment at Cliffe Hill quarry in Leicestershire.

Tenova Takraf contracted ALE to move a crusher within a granite quarry operated by Midland Quarry Products.
ALE transported the crusher using 54 axle lines of SPMTs downhill on an 8 percent gradient. The centre of gravity (CoG) of the huge crusher was 17 m high, and the ALE team had to take great care during the move as the CoG shifted 1.2 m between the gradient and the flat.
ALE project engineer Chris Taylor said: "This was a very unique move and required detailed engineering studies. A typical movement on steep gradients is of the order of 200-300 tonnes, so to move a load weighing 700 tonnes is very exceptional.
"This is one of our first jobs in the minerals and mining sector in the UK. It illustrates our desire to offer a safe, quality solution for the client which will allow us to springboard into this sector further."