April 2 - ALE has transported a 140-tonne boiler from Ellesmere Port and installed it at the Tyseley Resource Recovery Centre in Birmingham.

The boiler will form a critical part of the waste-to-energy power station that will supply power to more than 17,000 homes in the Birmingham area.
On delivery to jobsite, the boiler was vertically rotated 90 degrees before being transported using 8 axle lines of SPMTs into the building, positioning it ready for installation.
Using a four point hydraulic 'Lift 'n' Lock gantry' system, ALE raised the boiler over 5 m in height before skidding the boiler laterally over its support steelwork. Once aligned, the boiler was lowered into its final position.
"When transporting the boiler from Ellesmere Port to Birmingham, as required by the authorities, we selected a transportation arrangement to suit the load capacity in respect of the axle loadings on structures along the 121 mile (194.7 km) long route. In order to achieve this we used an 11 axle length, 3.65 m wide hydraulic modular trailer with a Trojan tractor unit," explained Tom Irvine, ALE's senior project manager.
"After four days transporting the boiler to site, we then had to negotiate the limited space that was available to manoeuvre the boiler inside the building on an 8 axle SPMT. With the limited clearances available, our installation equipment was accurately positioned prior to the boiler arriving on site. The ALE transport and installation teams involved successfully executed and completed the project within six days from port to foundation," Irvine added.