October 5 - ALE has transported a 249-tonne transformer from Stafford, UK to Gillam in Manitoba, Canada - a distance of almost 6,000 miles (9,656 km).

The transformer was first moved from Stafford to the UK's Ellesmere Port using ALE's AL100 girder frame combined with 22 axle lines of conventional trailers. It was then lifted onto an ocean-going vessel for shipment to the Port of Thunder Bay in Canada.

On arrival at Thunder Bay, ALE discharged the oversize unit onto a 16-axle railcar for its 1,100 mile (1,770 km) delivery to Gillam in northern Manitoba. ALE says that it worked in partnership with a number of local suppliers to execute the overland transport in Canada.

Once the transformer had arrived on site, ALE discharged the unit from the railcar onto 12 axle lines of self-propelled transporters, before it was jacked up and skidded onto its final foundation. 

"Considering the sheer distance and the variation in the modes of transport, from overland railcars and girder frames to ocean vessels, this transportation project presented some challenges for us and demonstrates our capabilities for delivering turnkey solutions," said ALE's senior project manager, Tom Irvine.

The project took less than two month to complete, noted ALE.