February 27 - ALE's Spanish office has handled the jacking of a ship-to-shore (STS) crane by 6.3 m at the TCB terminal in the Port of Barcelona.

The movement was the first of three STS cranes to be heightened, and was also the first time that ALE's latest innovation - the Mega Jack 800 - had been used in Spain.

The upper part of the crane was jacked using the jacking points in the modular beams. The distance between the rails of the crane were 30.48 m and the loads lifted in each leg ranged from 302 tonnes to 437 tonnes, which amounted to a combined total of 1,433 tonnes. 

The Mega Jack 800 system was used alongside a gantry support, which was installed on four towers with four integrated hydraulic jacks, each with a 620 mm stroke and 800-tonne capacity per tower.

The crane was jacked in 12 stages and at each stage was raised by 0.56 m. The crane reached a total height of 6.3 m to allow for the 6 m leg extensions to be installed.