July 4 - Alistair Group has transported a Caterpillar excavator from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Namoya, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), for ongoing mining operations.

Prior to the move, Alistair Group conducted a risk assessment along the route to ensure the excavator, which had an undercarriage measuring 4.6 m wide, and the trucks could travel along the narrow roads to the site.

Alistair Group disassembled the excavator and loaded it on to six trucks, accompanied by two escort vehicles, for the transport

The Tanzania-headquartered company, which provides road freight, source-to-site logistics, and equipment rental services, has warehousing and storage facilities in Mozambique, and South Africa, and has added a second warehouse in Tanzania.

In addition to its facility in Dar es Salaam, Alistair Group has opened the 3,500 sq m Mgdenga warehouse in Mtwara.