March 17 - UK-based multimodal logistics provider, Allelys, has added two Goldhofer MPA 6 semi-trailers to its fleet.

Managing director, David Allely, said: "We chose the two MPA 6s for our new rail carriers for railway construction projects as their low running height, stability and large steering angle make them ideal for transporting rolling stock for rail construction projects."

According to Goldhofer, the MPA 6 has high levels of manoeuvrability and features an independent suspension with just one wheel carrier, one strut and one suspension arm, which combine to form a low-wear system, contributing to its low maintenance requirements. Goldhofer claims, that this makes the heavy duty semi-trailers ideal for working at maximum axle load to transport a wide range of heavy cargoes.

The two MPA 6s were delivered with 30-tonne rigid goosenecks and were designed to Allelys' specifications for fifth-wheel load and height and swing radius.