June 1 - ALE has installed the new 140 m long Nacka Bridge across the Svindersviken inlet in Sweden.

80 axle lines of SPMTs and two barges were required to transport the bridge and jacking equipment to the site for the final installation operation.

The barges were ballasted to transfer the weight between the barges and the abutment, explained ALE. The bridge was then jacked down using jacking towers and strandjacks in order to stabilise the barge. 

ALE project engineer, Teun Van Gorp, said that this was not a simple job due to the challenge of transporting the bridge from its construction site, which was situated in a narrow area on a hillside. "In order to transport the bridge, turntables were used on top of our SPMTs to manoeuvre the bridge through the limited space available," said Van Gorp.

The new bridge is part of Nacka's development project to join the growing district of Kvarnholmen with the centre of the city, as well as provide better transport links for residents.