October 8 - The Port of Antwerp Authority has confirmed that it will cease the activities of its crane department by the end of 2017.

The port authority's crane department has operated several floating cranes and more than thirty dock-mounted cranes, all of which could previously be rented out to private and public organisations in the port area.

Until recently, the department has managed and maintained Brabo, a floating derrick crane that can lift up to 800 tonnes, two floating cranes (Portunus and Titan) each with a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes.

The last two have been sold to ZHD Stevedoring of the Netherlands. The port authority confirmed that Brabo, pictured below, will be retained.

A spokesperson from the port authority said that stricter EU regulations about competition and state aid and the fact that the activities of the crane department were making a loss influenced the decision.

HLPFI understands that the remaining quayside cranes will be sold, but not before work under existing contracts is completed.