August 5 - Iberia, Louisiana headquartered Berard Transportation completed the load-out of a 285-tonne module bound for the Gulf of Mexico.

The module, which measured 13.7 m x 10.36 m x 4.17 m, was transported on 16 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) from the fabrication yard to a waiting deck barge. Ground conditions were unfavourable so steel plate was laid to ensure a smooth transit through the site.

Once at the bulkhead, the SPMTs manoeuvred the module into position on the waiting barge, ready for the final voyage to the installation site.

A video of the load-out can be seen below:



In a second project, Berard was tasked with changing-out an old transformer at an Arkansas power plant and replacing it with a new unit.

The Berard team slid the old transformer, which weighed 120 tonnes, onto six lines of SPMTs, moved it to the dismantling area and jacked it down.

A new 85.7-tonne transformer was received from a railcar one mile from the installation site. It was slid onto the SPMT configuration, transported to site and set on pads.

The skidding operations were completed using Berard's new 400-tonne capacity hydra-slide low-profile skidding system.