June 15 - Fox Brasil has coordinated the transport of an entire biomass plant from Santa Catarina, Brazil to Sitio del Nino in El Salvador.

The consignment included turbines, generators, transformers, condensers, kilns and other structures, with a total volume of 3,635 freight tonnes.

Fox Brasil was responsible for visiting the shipper and learning about the cargo; checking the preliminary packing list and drawings; discussing the optimal loading sequence; planning the project logistics schedule; providing a daily loading report and vessel positioning report; and other quality management.

Some of the project's biggest challenges, said Fox Brasil, were the short transit time, the different dates that plant parts needed to be delivered by, loading restrictions from the shipper, and the sequence of assembly at the destination in El Salvador.

The biomass plant is currently being assembled on site and is scheduled to begin production this year.

Fox Brasil joined The Heavy Lift Group (THLG) as a representative in Brazil this year.