February 21 - Singapore based offshore group Keppel FELS, has awarded a significant contract to Blue Water Shipping for the heavy-lift transportation of five semi-submersible rigs in prefabricated structure.

With the total project set to exceed 60,000 tonnes, Jason Goh, Blue Water Shipping regional general manager for Asia Pacific, noted: ?"This is the largest contract Blue Water Shipping has ever signed with Keppel FELS."

The contract will cover five shipments moving by dry and wet tow commencing in the second half of 2013, with expected completion in 2016.

The five rigs are being built in prefabricated form at Keppel yards in the Philippines and Singapore before being fully assembled at the BrasFELS shipyard in Angra dos Reis, Brazil.

Denmark headquartered Blue Water Shipping will tow all five rigs from their manufacturing points to Brazil, providing all the necessary expertise through its own teams of naval architects, chartering and project forwarding staff.

The relationship between both companies goes back to 1999 when Keppel FELS engaged Blue Water Shipping to transport a jack-up rig from Singapore to Azerbaijan for final construction at a shipyard in Baku.