Bolloré Ports has implemented an electronic payment solution at Dakar Terminal in Senegal.

Dakar Terminal

The system’s launch has been expedited in light of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak to limit physical interactions, reduce cash payments and save time by simplifying the payment process.

The web portal rolled out by Bolloré Ports enables the payment of invoices via the TouchPay platform by InTouch, which aggregates payment means including Orange Money, FreeMoney, YUP, MasterCard and VISA.

Jérôme Beseme, managing director of Dakar Terminal, said: “Thanks to this solution, developed in partnership with Bolloré Ports and the InTouch aggregator, each user has a customer account and can generate invoices and pay them online. With Covid-19 and the requisite social distancing measures, Dakar Terminal is enabling its customers to continue operations in complete security.”

Bolloré Ports operates the ro-ro terminal in the Senegalese capital.