November 11 - The British Red Cross, the volunteer-led humanitarian organisation, is seeking logisticians with experience of warehousing, fleet management, air operations and freight forwarding to join its Emergency Response Units (ERU).

When a disaster strikes, people need help - fast. But how can you make sure life-saving aid reaches people in need when roads are damaged, airports are in chaos and the phone lines are down?

This kind of scenario is business-as-usual for the British Red Cross' Emergency Response Unit (ERU). These expert teams are always on call, ready for when a disaster strikes anywhere in the world. This unit consists of an emergency logistics team and a sanitation team.

The logistics team flies out to warehouses and co-ordinates aid deliveries at a moment's notice. They make sure aid is safely received, stored, tracked and distributed to people in need. They use their skills to get past mudslides, through traffic and around broken bridges. They overcome countless obstacles in the wake of major disasters.

If you think you could use your skills and expertise to help when disaster strikes and are willing to spend a month helping people in crisis after major disasters, you can find out more at

The closing date for applications is January 2, 2017.