February -16- The Combi Dock III, the third of a series of 11,000 dwt multipurpose tweendeckers with three electro-hydraulic cranes offering a single lift capacity of up to 350 and 700 tonnes, has been named at in Bremerhaven.

The ship is operated by Combi-Lift, a joint-venture between German-based Herren & Partner and the Danish line J Poulsen Shipping.

The ship's godmother, Mrs Lone Poulsen, wife of Chief Operating Officer, Anders Poulsen from J. Poulsen Shipping A/S, wished the Combi Dock III, master and crew good fortune and good winds for many years to come.


The maiden voyage of Combi Dock III takes it from Europe to south east Asia and West Africa.

As seen below from left Ship owner Peter Harren, C.E.O J. Poulsen Shipping A/S Finn J. Poulsen, Godmother Mrs. Lone Poulsen, Managing DIrector Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH Carsten Haake.