Cometto has launched the Eco1000 range of self-propelled modular vehicles, which come equipped with an integrated power pack unit.

According to Alessandro Giordano, product manager at Cometto: “The connect and drive principle allows quick and easy connections of several vehicles up to a payload capacity of 1,000 tonnes.”

The vehicle is available as a two-axle type with two driven suspensions; as a four-axle combination with two or four driven suspensions; as a four-axle type with a long frame; or in a six-axle version, equipped with four driven suspensions.

“Up to four units can be combined together with interchangeable components, different power pack technologies and a wide selection of accessories,” added Giordano.

The design also incorporates hybrid technology which enables the combination of a traditional engine with an electric motor for zero-emission travel. The lithium battery can be charged while driving, as well as at dedicated charging stations.