April 30 - In a move described as a 'bundling of core competencies', Harren & Partner and J. Poulsen Shipping, the owners of CONDOCK and K/S Combi Lift have announced that the two companies will merge activities from the beginning of May, with the CONDOCK

Combi Lift is operating a modern fleet of 19 heavy lift and project cargo vessels, whilst CONDOCK Befrachtungs-Gesellschaft operates a smaller fleet of similar vessels.
CONDOCK and Combi Lift have had a strategic alliance for some time and whilst CONDOCK remained based in Hamburg, the activities of both companies have been coming together. From next month, they will be merged within the Combi Lift Chartering offices in Steinkirchen, Germany.
"CONDOCK's Peer Kelch and Rüdiger Buchhorn will stay competent contact persons in the office of Combi Lift Chartering GmbH in Steinkirchen for specific issues and particular questions relevant to any shipment as well as share their knowledge with the group," says Sune Thorleifsson, senior project director of Combi Lift.
HLPFI understands that the technical management for the CONDOCK fleet will still be provided by Harren & Partner in Bremen.