April 7 - Crowley Maritime Corporation has joined the Trident Alliance - a coalition of shipping owners and operators that share a common interest in robust enforcement of existing maritime sulphur regulations.

In joining, Crowley has signed a statement of commitment certifying that the company agrees to comply with sulphur regulations and support the robust and transparent enforcement of these regulations.

"Crowley's decision to align itself with the Trident Alliance makes sense on many levels," explained Crowley's senior vice president and general counsel, Mike Roberts, adding that the company has long supported compliance with sulphur regulations due to its environmental benefits, and also supports the fair levelling of the 'sulphur playing field' for the benefit of all parties involved.

Roger Strevens, chairman of the Trident Alliance, added: "The threat of weak enforcement of sulphur regulations is escalating fast. Responsible industry is taking the initiative to mitigate this threat, serving the best interests of the environment and human health as well as creating a level playing field for business. By speaking with one, united voice we have the greatest chance to bring about change."

In addition to enforcing existing sulphur regulations, the Trident Alliance is also working to raise awareness of the issue, foster transparency around the operators' sulphur compliance activities and develop initiatives to promote innovation in practicable enforcement technologies. So far around 30 companies have joined the alliance.