September 20 - A Project Solutions group that "bundles company-wide capabilities and assets with world-class project management skills to provide complete turnkey marine solutions" has been launched by Jacksonville, Florida-based shipping group Crowley Ma

The ambition for the division, headed by Crowley vice president Craig Tornga, is to evaluate customers' overall project requirements to determine what services and assets Crowley can bring to the table, whether they are company-provided or from third parties, to provide comprehensive solutions to customers with multifaceted marine and offshore construction-related projects, says the company.

For customers in the upstream energy and offshore construction industries, Project Solutions can create project schedules and develop effective plans that have clear responsibilities and milestones. The team will manage the scope of each project, including identifying problems. Serving as the single point of responsibility, Crowley can align the efforts of designers, contractors, and third parties to project goals and standards.

Additionally, Project Solutions has access to a variety of Crowley-owned assets and equipment, including a diverse fleet of high-horsepower tugs and large deck barges. The company's 455 Series deck barges (121.9m x 32.0m x 7.6m) provide both the capacity and deck strength needed to accommodate large drilling and production units used for deepwater offshore energy exploration and development. 

"Over the years, our work with upstream energy customers, whether their projects are offshore or onshore in remote locations, has typically taken us from a defined role to one of increased project management scope as we demonstrate our competence and professionalism," said Tom Crowley, chairman, president and CEO. "Putting some formal structure around our project management capabilities with talented people and processes will allow us to help customers transform ambiguous projects into ones that are focused, productive and deliver tangible results."