May 30 - Belgium headquartered Heavy Lifting + Handling has installed a cyclotron unit in Uppsala, Sweden using a SBL1100 Enerpak gantry lifting system

The cyclotron - a sensitive piece of medical equipment used for treating cancer patients - was made up of two units each weighing 110 tonnes. Heavy Lifting + Handling was tasked with lifting the cyclotron over a building and lowering it down into a 7 m bunker. The bunker was encased in 4 m thick walls, as the machine becomes radioactive once fully operational.
The project was particularly challenging as the maximum reach of the gantry system was a 7 m - therefore extreme precision was required to ensure that the lift could be safely executed.
The gantry system assembly took three day to build, while the cyclotron was installed over the course of two days. The cyclotron units were transported to Sweden on two heavy-duty trailers from Belgium.