June 11 - Germany based Dako Worldwide Transport has transported a 185-tonne cement mill over 5,700 km from the manufacturer's location in Austria to a cement factory in Sterlitamak, Russia.

The mill, which measured 18.5 m x 5.7 m x 6 m, was first loaded onto a barge in Linz for transport along the Danube to the Romanian port of Constanta, where the cargo was loaded onto a vessel and shipped across the Black Sea to Rostov.

From Rostov the vessel travelled down the Volga-Don river system to eventually arrive at Nizhnekamsk, where the cement mill was lifted by a heavy lift port crane onto a ro-ro barge for onward transport down the Kama and Belaya rivers to Ufa.



On arrival at Ufa, the cargo was unloaded using a bespoke roll-off jetty that had been designed and constructed by Dako in Russia. The company explained that this was extremely challenging due to the very low water level in the river at the time.

Special steel plates were placed on the jetty and two heavy-duty prime movers were used to pull the 24-axle hydraulic trailer and its load off the barge and onto land.

The same trailer was then used to transport the cement mill to its final destination in Sterlitamak by road. En route the vehicle had to pass over several bridges, many of which had been reinforced for this transport.



Dako Worldwide Transport is a member of the Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN).