March 21 - Damen's ballast water treatment system, InvaSave, has received IMO type approval.

The InvaSave is an external ballast water treatment unit designed primarily for use in ports and harbours, says Damen. It treats ballast water to the IMO D-2 standard, for ballast water received from inbound ships and as well as water treated to the same standard for outbound vessels. Its mobile, containerised format means that it can be operated from the dockside or from onboard a vessel alongside, receiving or delivering water to a ship.

According to Damen, the InvaSave has been developed with the knowledge that, after September 8, 2017, unmanaged ballast water cannot be discharged, which means any vessel that cannot take in or discharge its ballast water after that date will be restricted in its operations and there may be financial implications due to demurrage costs.

Damen therefore claims that the InvaSave is an asset to all ports seeking to minimise vessel delays caused by the need to treat unmanaged ballast water, allowing them to offer an IMO-certified contingency service. Philip Rabe, responsible for InvaSave sales at Damen, said the application of the InvaSave also goes beyond the relevance it has for ports, as it can offer a viable, cost-effective alternative to retrofit.