July 31 - Demag has launched the PC 3800-1 pedestal crane, which it claims provides access to job sites previously inaccessible with a standard crawler model, while boasting strong load charts.

Using the PC 3800-1 can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to prepare a job site for crane operation, says Terex.
While crawler cranes require a levelled supporting ground over a large area to execute lifts, the PC 3800-1 only needs four spots to be prepared for the outrigger supports. Terex claims that the outrigger support spots do not need to be perfectly level as the outrigger cylinders can compensate up to 2.1 degrees with a 12 m x 12 m outrigger base.
The PC 3800-1 can also utilise existing pile foundations as outrigger supports.
Terex claims that the PC 3800-1 provides increased lifting performance in several configurations, or requires less counterweight for the same or slightly higher lifting capacities.
The car-body of the crane can be connected to a self-propelled modular trailer or axle lines, which means the crane can be easily relocated on a job site.
Depending on road regulations, the Demag PC 3800-1 equipped with axle lines can be configured to a 12-tonne load per axle limit.

The PC 3800-1 can be purchased as a complete crane, or the carrier can be purchased as a retrofit option for the Demag CC 3800-1 crawler crane and its predecessor, the Superlift 3800.