October 13 - DFDS Group has shipped oversize equipment for the oil industry onboard its multipurpose vessel Lysvik Seaways from Norway to Germany, for oncarriage to destinations in Asia.

The first consignment included 33 aluminium beams, each measuring up to 28 m long, which were destined for a new oil supply vessel being built in Shanghai, China.


Beams are loaded onboard in Moss.


Kasper Svenningsen, director of shipping logistics in Norway for DFDS, explained: "At our terminal in Moss, we loaded the cargo onto the vessel's weather deck with the aid of a mobile crane, using multiple slings for lifting in order not to leave any scratches or bend the beams.

"To provide extra protection for the cargo during the sea voyage, we placed containers on every side of the aluminium beams, in addition to the lashing and end securing."

From Moss the cargo was shipped onboard Lysvik Seaways to the Port of Hamburg, from where it was transported to a yard in Shanghai.


Lysvik Seaways.


Also carried onboard the DFDS vessel was an oil production manifold, which measured 5 m x 5 m x 5 m. The manifold was also shipped to Hamburg for final delivery to a site in Singapore.

"We planned to load the manifold on the tank top of our vessel where the maximum free height is just 5.2 m. We also needed dunnage underneath the manifold. This required some very precise loading, with just 10 cm space left between the manifold and the hatches," added Svenningsen.


The manifold is secured onboard the vessel.