The UK’s PD Ports is accelerating the pace of digitalisation at its location in Teesport, as it aims to develop the gateway into a ‘smarter port’.

PD Ports will deploy a Port Community System (PCS) developed by the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Frans Calje, PD Ports ceo, explained that the partnership with Rotterdam will ensure that Teesport remains in a prime position to support the smooth flow of goods transiting the UK post-Covid and post-Brexit.

“By working with our colleagues in Rotterdam we can build direct links with Teesport’s biggest single supply route, connecting not only PD Ports but the entire community on the river to the largest port in Europe,” said Calje.

“In utilising Rotterdam’s developed PCS at Teesport, companies managing the flow of cargo between the UK and the Netherlands – for the Netherlands directly or the wider EU market – will have the convenience of using the same system for goods moving in both directions.

“The introduction of the PCS will provide a strong platform of continued growth in the future, delivering benefits to the port, the Tees Valley region and the north of the UK,” he added.

As Statutory Harbour Authority of the River Tees, PD Ports is responsible for vessel traffic management and safe navigation of vessels as they access Teesport. The implementation of this system will provide a single source of information including live shipping movements, meteorological and environmental data, as well as providing the ability to initiate vessel visits to Teesport, all in one platform.

During its research phase, the port operator held consultations with river users ahead of committing to the PCS, with key partners Svitzer Marine, Graypen and ConocoPhillips all trialling the system prior to launch.