April 19 - DOLL has displayed a four-axle semi low loader trailer from its panther series at the bauma exhibition, which is equipped with a steerable dolly axle fixed to the gooseneck.

With a payload of 51.7 tonnes at 80 km/h, DOLL says that the T4E-S2A and its 1+3 axle combination is particularly suitable for the transport of heavy construction machinery.

The manufacturer added that the combination of three-axle rear running gear and fixed dolly axle guarantees optimum load distribution.

DOLL claims that the friction-steered one-axle dolly offers a cost-effective alternative to the 2+3 or 2+4 axle combinations that it says have so far been typical for trailers of this payload class.

The dolly axle is firmly fixed to the gooseneck and can be separated from the lowbed behind the dolly. In line with the company's panther running gear concept the dolly axle, just as the rear axles, comes with independent wheel suspension in double-wishbone design.

In the gooseneck itself, DOLL has installed the cylinder for lifting and lowering in its centre. According to the trailer manufacturer, this design requires little space, leading to a better force flux. The centrally placed cylinder allows the fifth-wheel load to be adjusted variably from 17.5 to 25 tonnes via electronic control.

The T4E-S2A on display at bauma also has hydraulic rear ramps, a hydraulically liftable lowbed and drive-over height of as little as 780 mm when the running gear has been lowered, said DOLL.

DOLL also revealed its T4E-S3F at the show in Munich, which is also equipped with friction-steered dolly axle fixed to the gooseneck and has been designed with a lowbed in flatbed version especially for the haulage of high and heavy construction machinery.

The loading height is 305 mm combined with a ground clearance of 80 mm when loaded. The preload of the frame structure allows the lowbed to reach a horizontal position and prevents deflection, noted DOLL. Despite the low height, the frame has been engineered for heavy loads and has a maximum payload of 50 tonnes.