Australia-based Doolan’s Heavy Haulage has transported two 160-tonne crusher components over a distance of 1,400 km.

Two prime movers, with a total tractive force of 500 tonnes, and 14 WideCombi axle lines from Scheuerle were employed to haul the components from RCR Tomlinson’s manufacturing plant in Welshpool, Western Australia to their final destination in a quarry.

The relatively low deadweight and low overall height of the transport vehicles allowed each combination to complete the journey without a police escort.

An escort from the electricity supplier was required for 2.5 km of the journey, in order to lift overhead power lines.

Ross Attwood from Doolan's Heavy Haulage, who was responsible for the transport, said: “If we had used transport equipment from local manufacturers, additional axle lines would have been necessary to distribute the load correctly. Because of the additional height of the transport, we would have needed the support of a power supplier to drive under power lines for 250 km instead of 2.5 km.