Danish transport and logistics company DSV has expanded its air charter network into Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in the USA.

DSV-Mesa-Hub-Air Charter

The company held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the airport on May 16. DSV said the official opening of its air charter hub marks its commitment to continue supporting customers within the semiconductor industry in Arizona and other industries in the region.

DSV’s presence in Mesa includes air charter routes that will connect Arizona with Europe and Latin America, along with a leased airport hangar and its own ground-handling equipment. This will enable cargo to move efficiently by avoiding congested airports elsewhere.

Niels Larsen, president at DSV Air & Sea US, said: “The industrial developments we are seeing in Arizona right now are quite significant. This makes it a strategically important place for us to be, which is why we are now upscaling our operations in the area through the new air charter routes.  

“With these new service offerings, DSV can provide more routes to LATAM and Mexico. Furthermore, the Mesa airport plays perfectly into our strategy of using tier two airports to avoid long lead times, and it will also have a strong strategic importance for our ability to serve customers in the semiconductor segment.”