Grimaldi Groups’ fourth hybrid ro-ro unit in the Grimaldi Green 5th Generation (GG5G) series has completed its inaugural call at the port of Savona, Italy.

Grimaldi took delivery of Eco Savona in Nanjing (China) earlier this year, as HLPFI reported

Eco Savona is the fourth of 12 in the GG5G series ordered from the Jinling shipyard. The vessels have a length of 238 m, a beam of 34 m and a gross tonnage of 67,311 tonnes. They can transport over 7,800 linear metres of rolling cargo, equivalent to about 500 trailers.

During port stays, emissions are reduced to near zero as the ships can use electrical energy stored by mega lithium batteries, which are recharged during navigation with the help of shaft generators and 350 sq m of solar panels.

Paolo Emilio Signorini, Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority System chairman welcomed the arrival of “the greenest ro-ro ship in the world” and said that the port of Savona has been striving to make port operations more sustainable.