The European Crane Operator Licence (ECOL) is in talks about the possibility of developing a rigger training scheme to run alongside its other courses.

ECOL – established by the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes – discussed the move at the most recent meeting of the ECOL supervisory board.

ECOL has informally contacted a number of leading industry companies to test their reaction. The idea received a positive response from the oil and gas sector in particular, notably Shell and ExxonMobil, said ESTA.

ECOL experts are now drawing up more detailed plans.

ESTA director Ton Klijn said: “Currently, rigger qualifications are often different in different companies and countries and it may be that ECOL can help create a common standard that would improve safety and efficiency.

“That is what we are currently investigating and we will be talking to those authorities who currently run rigger training to see if we can develop a common and acceptable Europe-wide approach.”