April 10 - EFIS Air - the aviation project and charter division of general sales and services agent ECS Group - has delivered the fourth and last stage of the Ariane rocket from Paris Vatry airport to Cayenne, Guyana.

The 10 tonne shipment was flown on a chartered IL-76 freighter. The rocket components had to kept at a constant temperature between 25°C and 27°C throughout the transportation process - a challenge that considering the outside temperature prior to the flight in Paris was -1°C, and 26°C conditions awaited the shipment on arrival in Guyana.

Irina Boutry, EFIS Air's operations manager, accompanied the shipment to ensure a smooth delivery.

Alain Boussard, md of EFIS Air, said: "We were very happy to be involved in such an important project for the Ariane space project. This is an area of our business where we continue to demonstrate a high level of expertise and we are confident of growing our activities for the aerospace industry in 2013 and longer-term."

EFIS has previously arranged the delivery of space rocket stages to Cape Canaveral, USA. It is currently engaged in a separate project to carry a similar shipment to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, set for completion later in 2013.