December 27 - EMS Chartering and EMS Log - subsidiaries of EMS Fehn Group - completed the door-to-door delivery of a 360-tonne wind turbine from Poland and Germany to central Sweden.

 Four tower sections, a nacelle and a 40 ft container, all of which were manufactured in different locations across Germany, were loaded onto a ship on Brake.
That vessel then made for Szczecin in Poland, where three 50 m rotor blades were loaded onto the vessel.
Upon arrival at the Swedish port of Gävle, the out-of-gauge components and the container were discharged onto trucks and safely delivered to their destination some 100 km inland, despite challenging winter weather conditions.

Manfred Mueller, head of EMS Fehn Group, stated: "EMS Fehn Group is excellently positioned for tasks like this. With its outstanding connections to Scandinavia EMS Log is a significant complement to our portfolio," the latter having been established in September 2013.