September 9 - Enerpac has introduces its SPMT600 series of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

The SPMT comprises a three-axle per trailer modular system, with minimised height, slim design and remote wireless control operation capabilities, which Enerpac said make it suitable for operations in confined spaces.

Depending on the model, the SPMTs and power pack units can be configured to a maximum of 4 trailers in two rows, or six trailers in two rows.

Enerpac explained that all of the wheels have individual hydraulic drive motors, providing maximum traction. One individual trailer (three axles) can support 60 tonnes of load.

The manufacturer added that the wireless Intelli-Drive remote controller is a "standout feature" of the SPMT600, since one person can operate the transporter remotely and safely away from the load. It features a simple interface, and Enerpac claims an operator can learn how to use the system in just one day.



An artist's impression of the Enerpac SPMT in a 2x2 (left) and 4x2 (right) configuration.