March 26 - Faymonville announced at a launch event in front of dealers and media, in its factory in Goleniow, Poland, that it is to commence marketing a new brand of heavy duty trailers under the MAX Trailer brand, writes Oliver Ward from Goleniow.

Alain Faymonville, CEO, who made the announcement, explained the thinking behind the launch. Faymonville wants to deliver a brand of trailer that complements the broad range of units that it can supply but at a cheaper cost by using standard components and providing purchasers with a simple menu of options and extras, rather than the full customising service that traditional Faymonville trailers come with.

In addition, with the assistance of the Mayor of Goleniow, ground was broken for the building of a further factory specifically to produce this new brand. The new factory is scheduled to be open and in full production by September this year.

At the moment the trailers for the MAX Trailer brand are mainly produced in the existing factory but are transported to the company's Luxembourg facility for finishing. Once the new factory is open the entire trailer will be built in Goleniow.

Asked if there was a risk that it might be cannibalising its own existing Faymonville brand, Alain Faymonville replied that by its estimates, it may see a few of its customers switching from Faymonville to MAX, but that it also felt it would be servicing a need for potential customers that would not otherwise buy the Faymonville range as the price differential would be too great.

Faymonville said that those that need the high degree of customisation will most likely continue to see the Faymonville brand as their natural choice, and those that don't will be glad to see MAX Trailer available to meet their needs.

The company said that it will continue to satisfy the demand of the very specialised super-heavy duty and over dimensional transportation sector, with MAX operating in the trailer market that offers solutions for payloads up to 40 tonnes, for example plant equipment. Faymonville also stressed that the same quality of production and components would apply to both brands, as well as identical raw materials, so the real difference was only in the standardisation offered by the MAX Trailer brand.

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The Mayor of Goleniow at the ground breaking ceremony for the new Faymonville factory, which will be complete by September 2012.