March 10 - Belgian trailer manufacturer Faymonville has launched a new trailer concept for the North American market: the HighwayMAX.

The extendible on-road heavy haul trailer has nine hydraulically steered pendulum axles and a technical payload of 260,000 lbs (117.9 tonnes).

The double extendable highway multi-axle trailer was developed in order to meet the specific requirements of the trucking industry in the USA and Canada. It fully complies with national regulations in regards to axle group dimensions, allowing a maximum payload.

The trailer can be easily retracted to attain a truck and trailer length not exceeding 90 ft (27.4 m), which Faymonville says eliminates the need for escorts in most of the USA and Canada.

The HighwayMAX trailer has a low tare weight of approximately 62,500 lbs (28.3 tonnes) with a loading platform that can be extended up to 89.2 ft (27.1 m).

Faymonville explained that additional benefits of the HighwayMAX include high point loads of 40,000 lbs (18.1 tonnes) over each axle bearing, as well as pendulum axles allowing for a narrow turning radius for maximum manoeuvrability.

The hydraulic and mechanical fifth wheel load adjustment also allows for maximum operational flexibility, as well as hydraulic gooseneck compensation with the first axle group.

Industrial parts, crane systems, pipeline elements, offshore structures, bulky and heavy loads can all be transported with this new high-performance trailer, said the Belgian manufacturer.