February 10 - Faymonville has developed the GirderMAX, a girder bridge to transport super heavy loads including transformers, gas turbines and generators.

Starting from a payload of 330,000 lbs (149.7 tonnes) up to 550,000 lbs (249.5 tonnes), the heavy haul transport system can be combined with all modular platform trailers from Faymonville: DualMAX, ModulMAX or CombiMAX.

The length of the girder bridge is adaptable to the load and to the number of required axle lines, says Faymonville. The widening system can adjust the width of the whole system from 9 ft (2.7 m) to 26 ft (7.9 m), approximately.

The two sets of main beams, which have an individual length of around 26 ft (7.9 m), can be used as overhead suspensions beams with load supporting elements or, in combination with the Z-beams, in a lowered position for gas turbine and generator transports.

The GirderMAX is designed for use with Faymonville's 2x12 dual lane trailers in its West Coast configuration but the total length can be adapted to use fewer axle lines. The GirderMAX has a cross pendulum stabilisation and a self-tracking device for the steering system of the rear trailer, to assist transportation.   

According to Faymonville, the set-up comes with useful accessories like empty run supports, load securing devices, parking supports, Hatz-Diesel engines on both sides and wireless remote controls for all hydraulic functions.