January 6 - Dutch cable manufacturer FibreMax has delivered a complete set of its lightweight aramid fibre stays to Dutch crane manufacturer Huisman-Itrec for a special-purpose 350-tonne fly-jib for the heavy lift mast cranes on shipping line's BigLift's

Following installation of the 17 m super fly-jib, the lifting height and outreach wasincreased by 50 percent. With the super fly-jib mounted on the Happy Buccaneer, the crane has a maximum load of 350 tonnes up to 35 m outreach and a 250 tonnes load at a 50 m outreach. The lifting height increases to approximately 59m above deck. To reduce installation time of the fly-jib, lightweight stays produced by FibreMax were used. 

It is the first time that aramid fibre stayshave been used in such an application, says Fibremax. 

Huisman-Itrec says its Heavy Lift Mast Crane concept is a compact and innovative crane design for heavy lifts developed by Huisman in 1983 and has become an industry standard for the design and construction of Heavy Lift Cranes. 

Happy Buccaneer was fitted with two Heavy Lift Mast Cranes in 1984. The original lifting capacity of these cranes was 550 tonnes, the cranes were upgraded to 700 tonnes in 2006. With this fly jib the Heavy Lift Mast Cranes continue to prove their added value.