April 9 - Van Oord's transport and installation vessel Aeolus has installed the first wind turbine at the Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind farm, marking the final phase of the project.

The other 42 wind turbines will be installed during the coming weeks, with the wind farm expected to become operational in August 2015.

The components of the wind turbines - tower, nacelle and blades - will be transported from their construction site to the Danish port of Esbjerg, where the components of eight wind turbines will be loaded onboard Aeolus and shipped to the Luchterduinen farm.

The installation of a single wind turbine, which involves moving the vessel to different positions, takes about one day, said Van Oord.

The V112 type turbines, produced by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, will be placed on 62 m high towers, which in turn will be placed on top of foundations that extend 17 m above sea level. The blades have a length of 54 m.

Located 23 km off the coast between Noordwijk and Zandvoort, the 129 MW Luchterduinen wind farm is a joint project between Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation.