Netherlands-headquartered Wagenborg has further expanded its fleet over the last month with four more multipurpose vessels joining its operations.  

Wagenborg ohioborg

Image source: Royal Wagenborg; Ohioborg.

On November 2, the general cargo vessel Sprinter was handed over to Wagenborg and renamed Ohioborg. The following day, the company welcomed Daan, which was renamed Jalonborg.  

Later in November, Panta Rhei joined the roster and was renamed Plataanborg. On December 2, Ashley was welcomed into the mix and will now continue its voyages under the name Jekerborg.  

These additions continue Wagenborg’s fleet expansion. During October, HLPFI readers will recall, the company took delivery of four general cargo vessels. These are now operating as Neuseborg, Eikborg, Iepborg, and Nijlborg.

Wagenborg jalonborg_2-kopiëren

Image source: Royal Wagenborg; Jalonborg.


Image source: Royal Wagenborg.