Norway-headquartered shipping line G2 Ocean has made significant strides in the 2023 PwC Climate Index. Having been placed in the lowest performance category in 2022, the company now secured a spot in Category 3, signifying its commitment to climate reporting and sustainability.


The PwC Climate Index presents the results of analyses performed by PwC Norway on the climate efforts and reporting of the 100 largest companies in Norway. In 2022, G2 Ocean found itself in the lowest performance category, Category 5, of the index due to inadequate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. G2 Ocean has since successfully elevated its position to Category 3 in the 2023 Climate Index alongside companies such as DNV, DNB, Hydro and the Kongsberg Group.

G2 Ocean said that Category 3 companies are recognised for their climate accounting practices by reporting on all significant indirect and direct carbon emissions. Furthermore, those companies provide clear specifications regarding the sources of emissions included in their calculations, ensuring transparency and accountability. “The 2023 Climate Index results validate our team’s outstanding efforts to enhance G2 Ocean’s emission reporting and demonstrate our commitment to improve our climate reporting and sustainability efforts,” said Sigrid Grøm Bakken, ESG and communications director at G2 Ocean.

The company’s journey to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 is ongoing. “We remain committed to reducing our emissions and making a positive impact on the environment. PwC’s acknowledgement of our efforts motivates us to continue this important work,” Bakken said.