May 5 - GAC has opened a new UK office in Great Yarmouth to meet the needs of the renewable energy sector in the southern North Sea.

Great Yarmouth, along with neighbouring Lowestoft, has supported offshore energy companies for over 45 years, said GAC. The two ports constitute England's largest concentration of offshore energy businesses and have been involved with many round two projects. Round three includes three of the world's largest offshore wind farms, which represent over 60 percent of the UK's round three developments.
Adrian Henry, GAC UK's offshore manager, says Great Yarmouth has been identified as being one of the key locations for development. The area is home to some of the UK's largest renewable energy projects, including offshore wind farms at Gunfleet Sands and Thanet.
GAC's efforts to meet the growing demand of the renewable energy sector, including the transportation of large project cargoes like turbines, will be spearheaded by the Great Yarmouth team led by Jeanette Shoebridge: "Our prime location means we can offer all renewable clients an integrated support package tailored to their needs, including a quay for their support vessels, ship agency, project logistics, warehousing and other related services," she commented.