May 3 - GAC has coordinated the shipment of a 3.5-tonne sculpture of Van Gogh's ear from Poland to New York, USA.

Created by Scandinavian artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, the sculpture of Van Gogh's ear that he allegedly cut off in 1888 was delivered to Fifth Avenue, where it forms part of an exhibition organised by the New York Public Art Fund.

GAC initially planned to transport the sculpture from its its factory in Poland to the German Port of Bremerhaven on a low loader trailer, before loading it on a ro-ro ship for delivery to New York.

However, when it became clear that Van Gogh's Ear would not be ready in time, the logistics provider came up with a new plan at the last minute, which involved redirecting the cargo to Zeebrugge to meet the same ship.

Working closely with art shippers Masterpiece International, GAC arranged special permits and a police escort to cover the night-time movement to Belgium by road.

The remaining accessories were flown to New York to meet the structure as it arrived outside the Rockefeller Center by road.