November 17 - GeoSea has confirmed its confidence in High Wind's Boom Lock by making the necessary preparations for implementing the system on its new jack-up vessel Apollo.

High Wind will manage all elements of the design and engineering for Apollo in close cooperation with GeoSea and the crane manufacturer.

"With the system installed, Apollo will be capable of safer and more efficient installation of turbines and blades in higher wind speeds," said High Wind's head of business development, Ole Jacob Wang Nielsen.

Boom Lock is a system that is mounted on an offshore crane, and is designed to control the movement of the crane hook and the payload in such a way that installation time can be drastically reduced. 

High Wind claims that this results both in considerable cost savings under the form of reduced cost for installation vessels, installation crews and related costs, as well as increased income due to earlier production from the wind farm. 

Most importantly however, the use of the Boom Lock aims to increase safety during the installation of the wind turbines, as uncontrolled movements in windy conditions will be dramatically reduced.

HLPFI reported in March 2015 that High Wind had launched its Boom Lock system, after completing the first model in January 2015 and undertaking extensive testing at the REBO site in the Port of Ostend.