The port of Gothenburg in Sweden will implement a customised digital platform during 2021.

Developed by Wabtech, the platform will use AI and digital linking to collate and process fragmented information.

“What will emerge is a new digital services ‘ecosystem’ for the port of Gothenburg in its role as a freight hub,” said Joseph Sandwing, head of digital business transformation at the Gothenburg Port Authority.

The port said that the greatest challenge will be to bring together hundreds of organisation that cooperate and compete for transport at the port: shipping companies; terminal operators; rail operators; forwarding companies; freight owners; and inland terminals.

The next phase will see the port authority and Wabtech lay out a joint project plan that will involve discussions with the various companies at the port.

“We are now getting down to the task of bringing our plans and ambitions to fruition,” said Malin Collin, deputy ceo at the port.