Project Greensand – a pilot project exploring carbon capture potential in the North Sea – will receive funding from the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities.

greensand CCUS blue water heavy lift

The project will receive EUR26.5 million (USD30 million). With the financial support, the consortium behind the project, which includes Blue Water Shipping, is now ready to enter the next phase. The support will allow preparations for CO2 storage to begin in 2022.

Allan Leiberg, business development manager at Blue Water, energy and projects, said: “We love challenges like this at Blue Water. The engagement in the Greensand consortium is very important to us and is in line with our strategy of a sustainable future.”

The storage potential in project Greensand is 500,000 to 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year from 2025, increasing to 4-8 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030. This means that the Greensand area can account for all the CO2 storage proposed in the Danish Climate Programme.