October 1 - GRUBER Logistics is currently involved in the transport of electrical transformers each with a unit weight up to 90 tonnes from Northern Italy to Ethiopia.

The oversize loads are being shipped by road to Naples and then transported by ship via the Suez Canal to Djibouti in Eastern Africa.

From Djibouti the transformers are carried for 2,000 km through the middle of Ethiopia to the Somali border area.

"Our Africa-experienced Project Team is organising the transport on location in cooperation with the diplomatic services," said Kurt Gruber. "Africa is always a challenge and the transport from Djibouti to destination is taking place in an area of political unrest and for this reason the road haulage is escorted by an official military convoy of theEthiopian army.

"The whole project is being organised and realised in collaboration between different departments in our branches in Bari and Hamburg."

In an official statement, the company said that this major project is a good starting point for the last quarter of 2010 and is a good sign for an optimistic 2011. "Business," it said, "is looking up!"