November 10 - Global Shipping Services (GSS), a member of the WCA Projects network, has gained certification from anti-bribery and compliance association TRACE International.

Through the TRACE programme, GSS has now been able to educate its managers and staff to a level where everyone is aware of the rules and regulations, as well as the possible corruption-related pitfalls associated with the movement of cargo worldwide.

GSS works with customers who demand TRACE certification to do business with the company, and explained that shippers demand honesty, integrity and transparency, especially when dealing with foreign government officials including Customs officers, police officers, health and safety and immigration officials.

Accordingly, GSS partners must now pass due diligence checks, background checks, and in-house anti-corruption policy checks.

The idea of TRACE is raise awareness of anti-corruption within the shipping industry, and raise the standard of anti-corruption and anti-bribery practices in the sector to provide greater transparency across the board.

GSS says that it is essential for the company to provide a clear message to its managers, staff and partners, that bribes or any form of unofficial payments will not be tolerated in its business. "Anti-corruption efforts remain paramount in our business and are constantly being reviewed, updated and improved," added the company.

The WCA Projects network added that it strongly encourages all its members to have an anti-corruption policy in practice and in writing, in addition to other professional certifications or policies as part of vendor qualification credentials. Such policies will help members qualify for bids with clients and forwarding partners now demanding such certifications as part of their vendor selection processes, added the project forwarder network.